Funding Strategy & Solutions

Real-estate management and transaction, development projects, storage tank facilities and industrial properties often encounter operational or historical environmental issues that require a pricey investigation and possibly corrective action. SESCO’s goal is to assist clients with identifying and aggressively pursuing funding options from state reimbursement funds, insurance policies, local financing options, and Brownfields grants to offset potentially expensive project compliance costs. Our experience proves our expertise in providing funding solutions and cost recovery strategies for clients, facilitating property transactions, and increasing property values by mitigating environmental liability costs.

Funding Solutions may include:

  • Insurance Archeology/Historical Insurance Cost Recovery
  • Excess Liability Trust Fund (ELTF) Reimbursement
  • EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant Writing Services
  • Low Interest Loan Assistance and flexible payment options
  • Site Assessment Grants, Cleanup Grants and Petroleum Remediation Grant Incentives
  • Local, State and Federal Incentive Procurement