Founded in 1996, SESCO has established a reputation for excellence in providing environmental consulting and redevelopment services across Indiana. We specialize in the characterization and remediation of environmentally impacted properties, complicated property transactions, Brownfield and commercial redevelopment, and environmental liability protection.  Our redevelopment services include creating site inventories and prioritization of such, conducting community relations work, conducting environmental site assessments, providing future site use options, and matching with potential purchasers/developers. By offering turn-key solutions, we are able to simplify the environmental and redevelopment processes for our clients.  Our devotion to providing innovative solutions and our network of professional relationships allows us to be both efficient and economical.

SESCO has performed environmental site assessments (ESAs), investigations and remediation at hundreds of petroleum and hazardous sites across Indiana and our dedicated team members are experienced with the processes and requirements of the U.S. EPA.  A typical SESCO site includes gas stations, bulk facilities, dry cleaners, machine shops, various industrial facilities, salvage yards, and landfills. We have historically funded our services using insurance, private funding, and grant dollars awarded by the U.S. EPA or the Indiana Brownfields Program, or a combination of the three (3).

We go beyond providing environmental services. SESCO also provides strategic redevelopment support to municipalities and public entities by clarifying the complicated process of commercial property transactions and acquisitions and connecting them with area developers and potential purchasers.  Our goal is to mitigate future environmental liabilities and help restore vitality to communities by offering unique redevelopment solutions to municipalities and public entities through our connections with area developers and knowledge of funding options available. SESCO’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is a former Director of Development Services for the City of Marion, Indiana.  He also serves as a subject matter expert for Economic and Commercial Development Policy, as well as economic, organizational, and real-estate development strategies. He is currently the Board Chairman for The Redevelopment Association of Indiana and is an independent Indiana Licensed Real Estate Broker. Therefore, we can relate to the challenges that municipalities and government entities face when trying to redevelop properties and revitalize communities and possess the knowledge to solve those problems.