At SESCO, we see the redevelopment of brownfields as a unique opportunity to enhance the aesthetic of communities, increase health and welfare of residents, and boost the economy in areas that are burdened with contaminated land. We take pride in transforming land and facilities that were once un-developable and uninhabitable into new viable and profitable properties. Our plan is never to leave a client empty handed after cleanup. We strive to see these sites through the due diligence process and achieve financial and regulatory viability for redevelopment.

Riverside Plaza, a former contaminated brownfield site and the former home of Indy Parks & Recreation, happens to be the corporate headquarters of our operations! With one of our development partners, The City of Indianapolis, SESCO purchased, rehabilitated, and redeveloped all of Riverside Plaza. The multi-level corporate building is now home to an assortment of organizations including the United Northwest Neighborhood Association (UNWA), The Lillian Davis Foundation, Real Estate Corporations, Non-Profit Organizations, and Community Development Groups. As a redevelopment partner and current tenant of a former brownfield, we have the personal experience, expert knowledge, and technical skill to help you with your unique redevelopment needs!