Get Off My Lawn

It pains me to say, to speak the words out loud but I am old. Face it, between my age and driving habits I may well be dead at any moment. I am that kind of old. When I saw my birthday cake while surrounded by my family and saw the first digit was a 6 it was at that exact moment I wanted to run into the woods screaming into the night. Old man, drop dead old. You might kindly say well, 60 is the new 40 or 50 to which I reply not when I pass a mirror. But because old beats dead I am thankful today for all the incredible, young, environmental professionals of all sexes, races, religions and political affiliations I have had the privilege to work with through the years. Like my grandchildren, my young environmental associates have kept me from evolving downward into that mean, old, ‘get off my lawn’ guy.


Through the years it has been my privilege to work on projects that have led to OSRO, SPCC and other major developments in our environmental industry. To be on the ground to see and experience so many tragic, historic and crisis events of our nation’s history has been stunning. The most amazing thing is, it isn’t over yet. To come to work every day with passion, anticipation and excitement because you work at an exciting, progressive environmental consultant is a phenomenal privilege. To see the smart, educated and experienced environmental professionals with the same entrepreneurial vision of company leadership pulling in the same direction, while caring deeply about the quality of their work product, is refreshing.


Sure, you can hire or work at one of those giant, monolithic environmental consultants moving at a glacial pace if you want but why would you? Working with a company where finding a way to possibly finish a project early to save the client money at a hurt to the bottom line is not encouraged but why would you? Innovation is spoken there but rarely done because billings are king! Why not hire or come to work at that vibrant, environmental consultant progressively working to close out sites faster, on average, then the competition to bring value to our clients.  Why not check out SESCO Group and the new environmental service lines we are attacking. If you are reading this weak attempt at an environmental Blog, you are already on our website. Explore our fantastic site and see who SESCO Group is and what we can do for you today.


Before you close your visit on our site catch a glimpse of the common-sense value that comes with successful experience. You just might be surprised if you take a new look or a fresh look at your next environmental consultant. Call SESCO Group and let us listen to what you have, what you need and what you want. SESCO Group. Peace of Mind, Restored.

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